Advanced Materials Show USA - Oct. 11-12; Pittsburgh, PA

We're excited to be at this year's event, and we hope to have a chance to visit with you.

AMS Event

We'll be at Booth 840

We hope you have time to come by and talk with us. We'll be at booth 840, located at the opposite side of the event hall from the entrance, and near the VIP Lounge.

Keynote Speaker

Kjirstin Breure,
HydroGraph President

Kjirstin Breure, HydroGraph President, will be a keynote speaker at the AMS event on Wednesday Oct. 11, Track 2, Session 1, 9:30 am. She will discuss "Understanding the Macro Factors that Will Accelerate Nanotechnology Uptake."

Igniting Material Change

Innovation Leader

In addition to our disruptive technology the Hyperion detonation system, our innovation includes an onshore manufacturing plant located in Kansas designed using the famous “Bell Labs” approach, providing R&D workspace near the manufacturing and production process to create a virtuous cycle of future innovation and product development.

Investor Resources

Investor Deck

Download the complete HydroGraph investor deck.