Igniting Material Change

HydroGraph Clean Power is an innovator in nanotechnology with a patented detonation synthesis technology producing pristine graphene and pristine functionalizations


The Hyperion system is modular, scalable and has been proven to use the lowest amount of energy in the industry while producing no waste

HydroGraph’s FGA-1 improves charge acceptance in lead acid batteries by


Fractal graphene is improving

  • Lubricants
  • Energy Storage
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Biosensors
  • And more

Reactive graphene is improving

  • Resins & Composites
  • Dispersions
  • Functional Coatings
  • Medicine and Biology
  • And more

HydroGraph’s FGA-2 decreases the coefficient of friction in lubricants by over


The Highest Standards

The Graphene Council’s Verified Graphene Producer® certification is the only credential with independent 3rd party in-person inspections of graphene production facilities, verification of production methods and volumes, and quality control processes based on the Graphene Classification Framework (GCF). HydroGraph is currently the third company to be certified globally and the only company in the Americas to be certified.