Graphene enhances the most prominent performance indicators for lubricants by reducing the coefficient of friction, dispersing heat and increasing lifespan.


Lubricants, which includes greases, are substances that are used with all moving parts to reduce friction, wear, heat generation and energy loss.


Lubricants are used in various applications, including engines, gear boxes, hydraulics, bearings and machines.

Lubricant products include:

  • Engine Oils
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Gear Oils
  • Turbine Oils
  • Metal-Working Fluids
  • Greases

These products are formulated with specific additives and base oils to meet the requirements of different applications and operating conditions.

Features and Benefits of Lubricants with Graphene

Graphene forms a protective layer, reducing friction and wear. Tests show that HydroGraph’s graphene reduces the coefficient of friction by 70%.

Graphene increases the strength of materials by 30%, which lets graphene lubricants withstand higher pressures and loads.

By reducing friction and mechanical wear, parts will last longer, lowering maintenance and replacement costs. HydroGraph’s graphene showed over 24X more cycles over base oils in tests.

Graphene’s hydrophobicity (ability to repel water) provides a protective barrier against moisture, gases and other corrosive agents, preventing lubricant breakdown.

Graphene’s thermal conductivity efficiently dissipates heat, preventing lubricant breakdown and the need for frequent replacement.

By reducing wear, graphene lubricants contribute to energy savings and efficiency, a desirable feature especially for automotive and industrial applications.

Graphene lubricants let machines, equipment, motors and engines operate longer between maintenance shutdowns, increasing output and reducing maintenance.

Longer-lasting lubricants lets us replace the toxic and environmentally damaging additives currently used in industry.

HydroGraph's Pristine Turbostratic Graphene in Action

Reduce wear by 70%

Lubricity Test Results: Wear Scars

lubricity test results

Extend life by over 24X

See how HydroGraph provides the purest, most consistent, cost-effective graphene solution.

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