One of only four globally verified graphene producers, and the only one in the Americas

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Hyperion Detonation Chamber


HydroGraph is producing the building blocks of the future

  • One of the world’s purest producers of graphene, HydroGraph has a technical and environmental advantage in production. Our Hyperion detonation system solves the idustry’s industrial supply problems of value, quality and scale.


Graphene is an estimated $2.5B market by 2028, growing at 19.5% (CAGR)

Graphene is a super-material with game changing scientific properties. Current production methods are difficult to produce, contain irregularities at high quantities, and are not environmentally friendly

HydroGraph’s patented Hyperion system solves production issues,  producing the purest (99.8%) graphene, at commercial scale and with a small environmental footprint.


Not all graphene is the same

  • An analysis done by Advanced Materials magazine found inconsistent results in companies claiming to produce graphene

No quality control

There is almost no high-quality graphene in the market as defined by the ISO


HydroGraph makes identical batches of pristine graphene at industrial scale


No other company produces over 50% graphene content, with the majority producing less than 10%


HydroGraph produces 99.8% pure carbon content graphene

False claims

Most companies claiming to be graphene producers are actually producing fine graphite


HydroGraph tested pure by 5 labs and has been verified by the Graphene Council

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We are a global leading graphene manufacuring company

  • With a patented process that produces the highest quality graphene at the greatest cost efficiency, we are ready for commercialization


Igniting material change


A potential $2.52B graphene market awaits


available today


We are uniquely situated at the forefront of the global graphene revolution

Our technological breakthrough produces the purest (99.8%) graphene every time in the most scalable, cost efficient, customizable manner.

Our Hyperion system is compact and modular; the small footprint allows for deployment virtually anywhere.

Highest purity, nano-engineered for the client, enabling integration of graphene into existing products.

High-yield, industrial graphene produced with minimal energy, no solvents, with virtually no emissions. Unique in the industry

Market reaction is positive regarding the purity, consistency, quality control and customizability of our graphene.

Applications include lubricants, resins, composites, polymers, coatings, batteries, concrete, aerospace, automotive, biomedical and many more.

Our Hyperion detonation technology is a patented, simple, scalable platform for the production of products in both the graphene and hydrogen spaces.

Deep manufacturing and commercialization experience with an active R&D team creates a virtuous cycle of innovation.


The Hydrograph revolution

  • Our patented Hyperion Detonation system produces 99.8% pure graphene with the smallest environmental footprint that is more effective than graphene derived from mining graphite.
  • The Hyperion Cell is compact and modular, allowing it to be deployed anywhere, opening up the global markets and eliminating supply chain issues of scale and quality.

Readily available

Extensive Applications

HydroGraph’s Hyperion System will change the landscape of nanotechnology, beginning with graphene and followed by hydrogen and an array of other valuable materials


Highest Quality Materials

We produce the highest-quality, purist, blackest, most easily integrated graphene on the market. The same high-quality standards will apply to all other materials produced by HydroGraph, including soon-to-come hydrogen.

Detonation Chamber

Patented Hyperion Process

Conserves energy and prevents emissions. Ideal for commercial deployment: modular, scalable, customizable, decentralized, low expense and eco-friendly.

Poised to become a global leader in manufacturing

Leading the industry with green, high quality, low cost processes to manufacture graphen, hydrogen and other strategic resources. Using our industry leading patent protected Hyperion Detonation process, our strategic products such as the super-material graphene used in dozens of industries, and alternative-energy fuels in high-demand such as hydrogen, both at the highest quality and lowest cost with a  carbon neutral footprint. The technology is ready and ideal for commercial scale: compact and modular, the small footprint allows for deployment virtually anywhere. And our initial go-to-market products of graphene and hydrogen are only the beginning for a platform of products in the atomic and energy spaces. 

Our People

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