Reactive Graphene

Reactive graphene is transforming the field of nanotechnology with its exceptional properties. HydroGraph's reactive graphene is a ‘pristine functionalized graphene’. A derivative material of HydroGraph’s fractal graphene and possesses a host of attractive properties, such as such as tensile strength, elasticity, and conductivity to more complex materials.


Chemically binds, not just mixed

HydroGraph’s reactive graphene — benefitting from an advanced graphene production method and increased durability — offers greater versatility and potential at a time of skyrocketing demand. It’s “reactive,” because it can chemically combine with other materials, rather than being simply mixed. The chemical combination is enabled through its multilayers, with a surface of carboxylic acid groups and an interior that remains uncompromised.

See how HydroGraph provides the purest, most consistent, cost-effective graphene solution.

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