Fractal Graphene

With manufacturing located in the U.S., HydroGraph surrounds its production process with a first-class R&D team, including the technology’s inventor, to create a virtuous cycle of innovation and expansion into new products. We are focused on multibillion-dollar end markets with high-level price elasticity. In each market, we deliver the most environmentally friendly process available, allowing customers to win on quality, value, and carbon reduction.


Tested as pure by 5 labs and verified by the Graphene Council

The 2016 patent for the high-yield production of fractal graphene via detonation is the founding technology for HydroGraph. Our Hyperion System technology makes identical batches of pristine graphene at industrial scale, making it the best graphene solution for countless applications.

See how HydroGraph provides the purest, most consistent, cost-effective graphene solution.

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