industry disruptor

Publicly listed in 2021, HydroGraph is a disrupter in the materials and energy space with its ground-breaking Hyperion detonation technology – a closed system that conserves energy, prevents emissions, and is modular and scalable for clients.


With manufacturing located in the U.S., HydroGraph surrounds its production process with a first-class R&D team including the technology’s inventor to create a virtuous cycle of innovation and expansion into new products.

Reactive Graphene

HydroGraph has taken the pole position in its first go-to-market product –the material additive graphene. The company’s unique reactive shell graphene can chemically combine with other products, a superior bonding process to the competitors.

Market Leading

HydroGraph is focused on multi billion-dollar end markets with high-level price elasticity. In each market, the company delivers the most environmentally friendly process available, allowing customers to win on quality, cost, and carbon reduction.

Our Commercial Production Pathway

Science breakthrough

Kansas State University's Dr. Chris Sorensen, who today serves as our VP R&D, discovers Detonation Process for producing high quality, low-cost graphene.

Patented technology

The 2016 patent for the high-yield production of graphene via detonation is the founding technology for HydroGraph. Additionally, the HydroGraph portfolio now contains patents and patent applications relating to the production of nanomaterials, applications involving nanomaterials and clean energy.

Company formation

HydroGraph formed to fund and commercialize green, cost-effective manufacture of graphene and other strategic materials such as hydrogen.

Capital raise

Private placement of $7.5M by Investment Houses PowerOne and Haywood. Groundbreaking for production and commercialization facility in Manhattan KS. Company lists as HydroGraph Clean Power on the CSE

Commercial production

Q3 2022 is targeted for commercial scale production, happening "on-shore" in the U.S. and kicking off a five-year plant expansion and job creation plan.


A virtuous cycle

Our onshore manufacturing plant located in Kansas is designed using the famous “Bell Labs” approach, providing R&D workspace near the manufacturing and production process to create a virtuous cycle of future innovation and product development.


The highest standards

The Graphene Council’s Verified Graphene Producer® certification is the only credential with independent 3rd party in-person inspections of graphene production facilities, verification of production methods and volumes, and quality control processes based on the Graphene Classification Framework (GCF). HydroGraph is currently the third company to be certified globally and the only company in the Americas to be certified.

Stuart Jara at Advanced Materials show

Public facing, market tested

HydroGraph is a publicly traded company, available for investment through the Canadian Securities Exchange at ticker HG.CN. Prior to listing publicly, the company received significant private placement by investment houses PoweOne Capital Markets and Haywood Securities.

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