HydroGraph produces the only synthetic detonated graphene, which we call SDG. Our method produces identical batches of 99.8% pure graphene at industrial scale and for the most competitive prices on the market today.

Our graphene detonation chambers have entered commercialization and along with our hydrogen detonation chambers we are also developing advances in additive manufacturing, fuel technology, conductive inks, industrial manufacturing and more. The HydroGraph team is growing rapidly, if you have expertise within one of these research areas and would like to join our team, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

The Unique HG SDG Production Method:

Most other methods of graphene manufacturing begin with mined graphite as the feedstock, which is essentially multilayer graphene compressed together forming a mineral. These conventional methods of mass manufacturing graphene essentially aim to reduce the layers until they are under ten, the universal standard for what constitutes graphene. Due to the difficultly in reaching ten or fewer layers, these processes are energy intensive, expensive and result in an inferior product, further compounded by inherent impurities within natural mined graphite.

We, conversely, rely on innovative fuel technology coupled with our novel detonation chamber to enable the energy within hydrocarbon gases to not only power our system, but to produce a pristine product. Our system produces at replicable batches at industrial scale, all 99.8% carbon content and with layers between 1-5, classified as “very few layer graphene”. The HydroGraph detonation chambers were designed from inception to improve industrial manufacturing by allowing for on-site production of graphene. For nanomaterials to truly revolutionize our products and materials there must be innovation in the process as well, HydroGraph seeks to pioneer that innovation.

Why the HG SDG Process is Superior:

The following key points differentiates the HG SDG process from all other methods of producing graphene:

Green Process – Our detonation chambers use no chemicals or solvents and result in zero emissions.

Energy Efficient – Our one step process is ignited with only a spark, making it the most efficient method of producing graphene to date.

Decentralized – Our detonation cylinders are compact and modular; their small footprint allows for deployment virtually anywhere.

Digitally Controlled – Our method is digitally controlled, fully automated and accessible remotely, allowing for total control.

Consistent – Our feedstocks of acetylene and oxygen are pure and do not vary from batch to batch, enabling us to produce pristine graphene. Every time.

Customizable – Our innovative detonation method allows for complete customization of the end product, with novel types of graphene possible according to our controls.