US Graphene to Boost Asian Solar Storage

US Graphene to Boost Asian Solar Storage
April 30, 2024

US Graphene to Boost Asian Solar Storage

HydroGraph Clean Power Inc.’s flagship graphene product will soon be a key ingredient in Volfpack Energy Ltd.’s hybrid battery system, which was engineered to help store solar energy and stabilize power grids in Asia.

Keeping power grids fed with stable solar is challenging. The best-known and most widely understood of these dilemmas is storing enough energy during the day to keep the lights on at night. The lesser understood and harder-to-overcome challenge is the sudden and unpredictable fluctuation in power supply, such as a break in the clouds letting the sun suddenly shine down on solar panels capable of producing megawatts of power.

While batteries are great at steadily absorbing and storing electricity for future delivery, they are not as good at responding to sudden surges in either supply or demand.

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