Igniting Material Change

One of only three globally verified graphene producers, and the only one in the Americas


Revolutionizing the global production of the purest
most versatile graphene in the market


Strong Value Proposition


A $2.5B graphene market opportunity


available today


We are uniquely situated at the forefront of the global graphene revolution

Our technological breakthrough produces the purest (99.8%) graphene every time in the most scalable, cost efficient, customizable manner.

Our Hyperion system is compact and modular; the small footprint allows for deployment virtually anywhere.

Highest purity, nano-engineered for the client, enabling integration of graphene into existing products.

High-yield, industrial graphene produced with minimal energy, no solvents, with virtually no emissions. Unique in the industry

Market reaction is positive regarding the purity, consistency, quality control and customizability of our graphene.

Applications include lubricants, resins, composites, polymers, coatings, batteries, concrete, aerospace, automotive, biomedical and many more.

Our Hyperion detonation technology is a patented, simple, scalable platform for the production of products in both the graphene and hydrogen spaces.

Deep manufacturing and commercialization experience with an active R&D team creates a virtuous cycle of innovation.




Graphene is an estimated $2.5B market by 2028, growing at 50% (CAGR)

HydroGraph’s Hyperion process produces the purest (99.8%) graphene, and the company’s “reactive graphene” product has a reactive shell that allows it to chemically combine with other materials.

This flexibility makes it the best graphene solution for countless applications.


Not all graphene is the same

  • An analysis done by Advanced Materials magazine found inconsistent results in many companies claiming to produce graphene

No quality control

There is almost no high-quality graphene in the market as defined by the ISO


HydroGraph makes identical batches of pristine graphene at industrial scale


No other company produces over 50% graphene content, with the majority producing less than 10%


HydroGraph produces 99.8% pure carbon content graphene

False claims

Most companies claiming to be graphene producers are actually producing fine graphite


HydroGraph tested pure by 5 labs and has been verified by the Graphene Council

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Poised to become a global leader in advanced materials

Leading the industry with green, high quality processes to manufacture graphene, and other strategic nanomaterials. Using our industry leading patent protected Hyperion System, our strategic products such as the super-material graphene used in dozens of industries, both at the highest quality and lowest cost with a  carbon neutral footprint. The technology is ready and ideal for commercial scale: compact and modular, the small footprint allows for deployment virtually anywhere. And our initial go-to-market products of graphene, and other strategic materials are only the beginning for the platform. 

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Head office

1 King Street W
Suite 4800 - 118
Toronto, ON
M5H 1A1

Legal Counsel

DLA Piper
666 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC
V6V 2Z7
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1021 Hastings St. W
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Endeavor Trust
777 Hornby Street #702
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Investor FAQ

Graphene Overview

Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern.1

Graphene is considered a “super material” as it is a diverse material with several attractive properties; it is stronger than steel, harder than a diamond, more conductive than copper, with better electron mobility than silicon, making it the future of technology.

Graphene can be used in a number of markets and applications, including: aerospace, metals, automotive, battery, plastic polymers, solar panels, energy storage, rubber, lubricants, coatings, resins and much more.

The demand for graphene is currently valued at US$90M and it is projected to reach US$2.5B by 2028.

HydroGraph Overview

HydroGraph was founded in 2017 to commercialize green, cost-effective manufacturing of graphene and other strategic materials

HydroGraph’s patented “Hyperion System” produces the purest (99.8% pure carbon), blackest graphene, with the lowest environmental footprint, allowing us to deploy our technology virtually anywhere. We are the only graphene producer in the Americas to be certified by the Graphene Council.

HydroGraph’s has one of the highest product margins in the market because we:
• Produce the highest quality graphene in the market (a high value to price ratio)
• Consume minimal energy, no solvents or emissions
• Use readily available inputs (i.e. gases), generating the lowest CAPEX requirement in the industry

HydroGraph’s produces the purest (99.8% pure carbon), blackest graphene, with the lowest environmental footprint. We use minimal energy, no solvents or emissions, and we use widely available gases – acetylene and oxygen – as feedstock generating net zero emissions.

Hydrograph currently holds one patent for our fractal graphene production technology, which is used in energy storage, lubricant, resin, speciality chemical and coating applications. We also have multiple patent applications filed and pending.

Shareholder Information

HydroGraph listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in December 2021 through a reverse takeover (RTO). A reverse takeover is a method of listing whereby a private company merges with a listed reporting issuer to become publicly traded.
Our stock is traded on the CSE under the symbol HG and on the OTCQB under the symbol HGCPF.
HydroGraph shares can be purchased by contacting a registered broker or through an online brokerage service for self-directed investors.
Yes, non-Canadian residents can invest in HydroGraph on the CSE (trading symbol “HG”) or the OTCQB (trading symbol “HGCPF”). Please consult your broker to determine whether they are able to execute the trade on your behalf.

You can sign up for HydroGraph’s email list HERE.

If you are a current shareholder and have questions regarding your holdings or if there are account changes to be made (mailing address, account name, shareholder document requests), please contact HydroGraph’s transfer agent:

Endeavour Trust Corporation
Suite 702 – 777 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1S4
Tel : 604-559-8880

At this time, HydroGraph does not issue a dividend.
HydroGraph’s CUSIP number is 44888L.

You can contact HydroGraph’s CFO Bob Wowk with investor questions at [email protected] .

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