Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by two scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for their work. Today, graphene is poised to explode in the commercial market as a super-material that can vastly improve a myriad of products, ranging from bio-medical to sports equipment to resins and coating, along with an abundance of other applications. We are on the brink of the world’s first super nanomaterial.

The immense potential of graphene can be achieved only if the product is pure, batches are consistent, production is economical and environmentally friendly, with a product that can be delivered in an efficient, low-cost manner. Only HydroGraph can currently meet this market demands. Our patented Hyperion process produces 99.8% pure graphene in identical batches at low-cost in an econ-friendly and modular system, achieving all these objectives and more.

21st-century super-material

Graphene is added to other materials to enhance strength, water resistance, flexibility, electrical conductivity; and it supports clean energy by improving battery, solar panel and supercapacitor technology.

  • 200 X stronger than steel
  • Harder than a diamond
  • 10 X the thermal conductivity of copper
  • 1000X the electrical conductivity of copper
  • Better electron mobility than silicon; the lightest, thinnest  of nanomaterials
  • Flexible: can be stretched to 120% of its length

Exponential market expansion

The global graphene market size valued at $87.5 million in 2019, and is projected at $876.8 million by 2027. Our graphene plant in Manhattan, Kansas is operational now and scaling to commercial production by June.

  • Current graphene market is projected to grow by 40% annually (CAGR)
  • Applications include polymers, resins, coatings, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and more
  • Ease of integrating graphene into other materials is critical
  • HydroGraph’s gel-like graphene reacts readily with other materials, better enabling integration
  • Near absolute blackness gives graphene stealth/radar applications
  • Cement market can greatly reduce its carbon footprint by incorporating graphene into its product

HydroGraph delivers consistent quality

HydroGraph’s graphene wins for customers on price and performance; with a patented technology superior to conventional graphene production that is expensive, energy-intensive and environmentally harmful.

  • Most current graphene is less than 50% pure and inconsistent
  • The majority of production contains less than 10% graphene
  • Most companies are producing fine graphite, not graphene
  • HydroGraph’s graphene is 99.8% pure
  • Every batch from HydroGraph is consistent and reliable
  • Our production is econ- friendly and uses minimal energy

Hyperion solves problems

Our patented technology — the Hyperion detonation system — is ideal for commercial scale: compact and modular, the small footprint allows for deployment virtually anywhere.

  • HydroGraph’s Hyperion process produces the only synthetic detonated graphene (SDG)
  • Hyperion is a low-cost way to produce pure, reliable graphene
  • Every batch is customizable for the customer
  • A compact ,modular systems can be deployed anywhere
  • Production is easily scalable to meet almost any needs
  • Our method is digitally controlled, fully automated and accessible remotely allowing for total control